Returning Citizens Magazine is a national monthly digital magazine read and used by the prison population across the country on tablets to help prepare individuals with reentry resources and the creation of an exit strategy back to society.

"The official magazine of the justice involved community"

Learn more about magazine subscriptions and reentry resources below.  

Faith Based Organizations, Halfway Houses, Residential Reentry Centers

Churches use our monthly digital and print  magazines to share reentry resources with the incarcerated in support of your prison ministries.

Halfway House owners use our monthly magazines to share second chance employers, jobs, transportation, clothing resources, government entitlement programs (SNAP/WIC benefits), etc. with your residents.

Attention Correctional Facilities we have lots of reentry content!!!  Digital Magazine issues from Oct. 2018 to the present.  

Monthly magazine shares best practices for developing a Reentry Strategy, obtaining Identification, Birth certificates, Social Security Card, SNAP, WIC, Sect. 8 housing, free legal aid, expungements, etc.

We work with all tablet providers.  EDOVO and GTL are our resell partners.  

Attention family and friends help your loved ones prepare for their release!!!

Family members subscribe to the magazine as a planning tool to help you prepare for your loved one's upcoming release. 

Friends of the loved one.  Subscribe to send them a quarterly print magazine.  Subscribe for yourself to receive the monthly digital magazine to show your support and educate yourself on ways you can help during their incarceration. 

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National and Regional 2nd chance employers 

Educational Institutions, financial aid, and Pell Grant information and more.

Explore professions in Plumbing, Electricity, Barber, HVAC Technician, and more. 

About Us

It’s unfortunate that society labels you as Convicts, Prisoners, Ex-cons, Convicted Felons, etc.  Returning Citizens magazine sees you all as human beings that are currently paying or have paid their debt to society and want to resume their lives after their debt has been paid to society.  We know that you want to care for your families upon release. We’re here to help. Our magazine is written for you, your families, and your friends that support you.