Utility Worker

What Does a Career in the Services and Utilities Industries Look Like?

The services and utilities industries deliver services to the public, rather than a product. Services can include cable TV, internet services, and phone service. The utility industry provides electric, gas, solar, or water sources to power homes and businesses. The utility industry is on the rise due to expansion in the energy field to include solar power and alternate energy sources.

Types of Jobs

  • Cable/internet installer and technician
  • Lineman/Power line maintenance
  • Field inspector
  • Solar panel installer
  • Cell phone repair technician
  • Customer service representative
  • Transit worker
  • Gasoline companies and station
  • Natural gas company field service technician


  • Educational requirements vary significantly based on the job
  • Some positions may provide on-the-job training, while others may require certification for an accredited program

utility worker

Vocational Training for Services + Utilities

Click on the links below to access training and certificate programs by category.

  • Broadband Cable and Telecommunications Technicians Certification
  • CDL Commercial Truck Driving Program
  • Cell Phone Repair Technician Certified Cable Network Installer (CCNI®)
  • Electrical Lineworker
  • Renewable Energy Certifications
  • Solar Energy Certificate Program
  • Solar PVC Installation

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