Transitional Living Program

Exterior of house

Our Transitional Living Program (TLP) for Older Homeless Youth supports projects that provide long-term residential services to homeless youth. Young people must be between the ages of 16 and 22 to enter the program.

Living accommodations may include:

  • Host-family homes
  • Group homes or maternity group homes
  • Supervised apartments owned by the program or rented in the community

TLPs offer or refer for the following services:

  • Safe, stable living accommodations
  • Basic life skills building, including consumer education, budgeting, housekeeping, food preparation and parenting skills
  • Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, post-secondary training and vocational education
  • Job attainment services, such as career counseling and job placement
  • Mental health care, including individual and group counseling
  • Physical health care, such as physicals, health assessments and emergency treatment