We believe in responsible food and agriculture.®

Chances are you’re familiar with PERDUE® chicken. What you might not know is that there’s much more to our business. We’re a family of family-owned companies. And we’re here to provide innovative food and agricultural products and services that make people’s lives better.

Our Responsibility

We have a commitment to the stewardship of our food, our environment, our animal care and our people.

We Believe in Responsibly Producing Safe, High-Quality, Trusted and Affordable Food

of products meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative

of chickens are raised in no-antibiotics-ever programs

of hogs are raised in no-antibiotics-ever programs

of our branded U.S. consumer products are from animals raised with no antibiotics ever, fed an all-vegetarian diet and never administered drugs for growth promotion

of U.S.-sold products are made in the U.S. from animals raised and processed in the U.S.

CN (child nutrition) products

low- or reduced- sodium products

whole grain products

GFC (Gluten-Free Certification) products

• 530 pounds of mislabeled foodservice chicken breast tenderloin fritters
• 2,148 pounds of chicken sausage

consumer inquiries handled in 2017

reduction in consumer complaints from 2016 to 2017

harvest plant rankings for the USDA Salmonella Performance Standards (October–December 2017)

Delivering on the No-Antibiotics-Ever Promise

All PERDUE® and PERDUE® HARVSTLAND® consumer products now carry the no-antibiotics-ever claim.

All Our Branded Consumer Products Are Now No Antibiotics Ever

In 2016, we became the first major poultry company to raise all our chickens in no-antibiotics-ever programs and convert all our branded chicken and turkey consumer products to no antibiotics ever.


For added assurance, our no-antibiotics-ever claim is backed by our USDA Process Verified Programs for raised with no antibiotics ever and fed an all-vegetarian diet.

A Full Roster of No-Antibiotics-Ever Brands

The PERDUE® no-antibiotics-ever products joined our full roster of raised-without-antibiotics brands, including COLEMAN NATURAL®, COLEMAN ORGANIC® and NIMAN RANCH®, providing consumers with premium, branded no-antibiotics-ever, all-vegetarian-fed products across chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

Perdue hosted representatives of Health Care Without Harm so they could see firsthand how we raise chickens without antibiotics and to hear from them their vision for the future of food.

Making No Antibiotics Ever More Available to Schools and Hospitals

In fiscal year 2018, we continued to build upon our partnerships with Health Care Without Harm and the Urban School Food Alliance (representing almost 5,700 K-12 schools) to promote the availability of no-antibiotics-ever menu items in healthcare and school settings.

Chairman Jim Perdue met with students at North Salisbury School in Salisbury, Md., as part of a Farm to School Week celebration.

Connecting Schools, Farms and Food

Perdue became the first major meat and poultry company to join the Farm to School Network, promoting and supporting sourcing of locally, state- and regionally grown and produced food into school lunch programs.


The Farm to School Network connects students and communities with the people who raise and produce their food. The program helps keep food dollars in the community and promotes healthy and sustainable food choices, including no-antibiotics-ever products.


Perdue participates in Farm to School programs in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia.

Empowering Customers and Consumers with Affordable, Accessible Organic Chicken

As the largest* producer of USDA certified organic chicken, we continue to empower customers (who sell and serve our products) and consumers (who buy and consume our products) with affordable, accessible choices.


Our 2017 TV commercials promoted organic production—and introduced a fourth generation of advertising spokespersons.

    • We continued to increase the availability of organic chicken for consumers through national distribution of PERDUE® HARVESTLAND®, COLEMAN ORGANIC® and customer-owned brands
    • We launched the first-ever national TV campaign promoting organic chicken
    • We introduced fresh, vacuum-packed organic chicken for restaurant use and made it available through foodservice distributors
    • We made our organic chicken available to export customers

*Calendar year 2017 production estimates