Joe Henke and Catherine Park, WXIA-TV, Atlanta

ATLANTA — The Georgia inmates who saved a deputy after he passed out during a work detail earlier this month are somewhat of an international sensation.

On June 12, a group of inmates were maintaining the lawns at a local graveyard, when an officer who was working security for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office work detail passed out. That morning the humidity was at 100% and it was 76 degrees outside.

Since the story was first published, media outlets from around the world have shared the story.

On Thursday, the six inmates — nicknamed “The Marvelous Six” by one fan — received a chance to read the comments and commendations that have come their way.

They were surprised to hear about the attention their act of kindness has garnered.

“It is really surprising,” said Greg Williams. “We really just did what we thought was best. For everything to be reacting like this it is kind of amazing.”

The inmates said they didn’t even considering running when the deputy monitoring them collapsed under the bright sun.

“Not one of us,” Bollen said. “You know, now after everything went down we were cutting up going, ‘Ah man,’ but we were so worried about the officer when he went down that not once did one of us ever think about running.”

The men said they just wanted to serve their sentences and walk out of jail. The sheriff has said those sentences will be reduced after their good deeds.

In light of the recent events that led two other Georgia inmates to kill two correctional officers in an attempt to escape, these inmates hope their story shows that there’s always something good that counteracts the bad.