About Us

“Welcome To Returning Citizens Magazine”

As the CEO It has always been my goal to help the “justice involved” inside the walls of correctional facilities around the U.S.  I knew that our Reentrytimes.com Newspaper was not enough.  You’ve come to know us for a plethora of resources on learning how to expunge a felony, second chance jobs, second chance housing, and prisoner reentry programs, just to name a few resources.

You all deserve so much more when reentering society or continuing on your journey as a formerly incarcerated individual.  Our magazine “Returning Citizens” will go in-depth on providing information on topics like expungement, second chance housing, second chance jobs, and other badly needed reentry programs.  Additionally, we look forward to sharing upcoming national reentry job fairs and let you know which second chance employers are willing to give you a second chance.

It’s unfortunate that society labels you as convicts, prisoners, ex-cons, convicted felons, felons, etc.  Returning Citizens magazine sees you all as human beings that are currently paying or have paid their debt to society and want to resume their lives after the debt has been paid.  We know you that you want to care for your families upon release. We’re here to help. Our magazine is written for you, your families, and your friends.

Returning Citizens magazine is the “Official Magazine” of the justice involved community.  Thank you for including us on your journey.

Todd Dubose, CEO

Returning Citizens Magazine